We provide legal consultancy services and legal assistance in relation to the Commercial and Corporate Law matters to our domestic and international clients operating in a wide variety of sectors especially including IT, healthcare, maritime, logistics, media and construction.

We render our clients comprehensive legal advice and support on company establishment procedures, share transfers, asset transfers, mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase transactions. Within this context, our Commercial and Corporate Law services also cover legal due diligence review and reporting, preparation of contracts and necessary documentation, legal consultancy on corporate governance of companies, representation of clients before trade registries and other administrative authorities, legal support services upon incorporation and closing of mergers and acquisition transactions.

Our firm has extensive experience and expertise in restructuring of companies, negotiation and preparation of shareholders agreements and sale & purchase agreements for share or asset transfer transactions, joint venture projects, legal compliance support for Corporate Law, legal support and trainings to executives and personnel on day to day or project oriented business.

In order to provide creative and result-oriented legal solutions for the management of operational risks, we offer broad but focused legal assistance to our clients by combining our solid legal knowledge on Commercial and Corporate Law and accumulated experience in Labor Law.

Our senior partner Şebnem Işık and partner Tuğba Ünsal are leading the Commercial and Corporate Law practice of our firm.
We offer legal consultancy, dispute resolution and litigation services on a wide range of areas of Employment and Labor Law to our clients comprising of both individuals and legal entities with our select group of lawyers and experts.

Our firm, by working closely with the human resources departments of our clients if and when needed, delivers clear, practical and results-oriented legal advice on all aspects of Employment and Labor Law including but not limited with the legal compliance issues, contract drafting, preparation and implementation of workplace regulations, management and follow-up of work permit processes for the foreign personnel, organization and restructuring of employment standards for eliminating deficiencies and avoiding misconduct during employment practices.

In addition to the consultancy services, our team has extensive experience in representing clients for the resolution of employment related disputes either during negotiation, mediation/reconciliation phase or during litigation before labor courts.

Moreover, we regularly represent our clients for all types of labor disputes including but not limited with the compensation claims arising out of workplace accidents and occupational health and safety issues in a wide variety of sectors such as the disputes between ship owners and seaman in the maritime area.

Senior partner Mehmet Nedret Ünlü and partner Erdal Gökçe are leading the Employment and Labor Law practice of our firm.

Erdal Gökçe, is also an accredited expert on Labor Law before Istanbul courts and is the author of a legal text book titled “Restitution Lawsuits under Turkish Labor Law”.
Being one of the leader firms on Transportation and Maritime Law, we offer our clients a unique combination of operational, regulatory, and litigation expertise on all modes of national or international transportation including land, air, sea and combined transportation.

Our solid legal experience covers a broad range of legal services and assistance on Transportation and Maritime Law, including but not limited with resolution of disputes related to causality and cargo claims, collisions, salvage and towing services as well as personal injuries, legal consultancy on sale and purchase of ships and other vehicles, ship financing and ship building. In addition, our team has extensive expertise on complex legal issues involving freight contracts, resolution of all types of maritime disputes including claims for losses arising out of bills of lading, salvage and towing services and fire and complete loss of ship and freight. Our expert lawyers assist our clients in all kinds of judicial and administrative procedures including establishment of provisional attachments and declaratory actions on ships and other vehicles for securing receivables.

Senior partners Mehmet Nedret Ünlü, Sevilay Kuru and Nazlı Selek are leading the Transportation and Maritime Law practice of our firm.
We are a recognized leader in the insurance and reinsurance matters in Turkey with our deep sectoral knowledge and established legal practice. Initiated with a core practice of representing maritime insurance companies, P&I clubs and commercial liability insurers in general; our practice evolved towards vigorously representing clients operating in all lines of the insurance and reinsurance business. Our firm’s reputation in insurance sector has been strengthened and supported by the extensive expertise and first-hand experience of our team particularly in the Maritime and Transportation Law. Legal services provided to our clients include litigation and arbitration processes for resolution of all kinds of disputes as well as consultancy services arising out of insurance matters.

Our firm has represented and provided legal assistance to both maritime and non-maritime insurers on significant accidents occurred in Turkish straits, as well as various complex litigation including but not limited with the disputes arising out of fires occurred in harbors handled by our senior partner Mehmet Nedret Ünlü.

Our areas of focus also include representation of reputable insurance companies in Turkey for recovery of freight and terminal matters, review and resolution of disputes arising out of or in connection with the CMR insurance, LLMC and Warsaw Conventions.

In addition to dispute resolution and litigation services on Insurance Law, our firm provides legal services to its insurer clients in each stage of company life-cycle from initial formation through licensing, regulatory compliance, drafting and negotiation of insurance contracts as well as day to day legal matters.

Senior partners Mehmet Nedret Ünlü and Sevilay Kuru are leading the Insurance Law practice of our firm.
We have an established practice on Environmental Law with our experience in advising clients from a wide range of sectors on every aspect of environmental issues from compliance with environmental regulations to representation in litigation.

Environmental Law, which directly affects the natural resources including soil, air and water, has an ever growing importance which requires detailed knowledge on complex regulatory environment. Our team is composed of leading practitioners focusing on all aspects of Environmental Law. In addition to consultancy and litigation services on regulatory matters, our Environmental Law practice has a specialty on oil pollution and hazardous substance released to the seas due to our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge on Transportation and Maritime Law. Our team has broad experience on major pollution incidents occurred in Turkish seas and we take pride in successfully supporting and advising our clients for indemnification of results, finance of remedies and elimination of pollution. Having worked in close cooperation with the governmental authorities and regulators, our partners and lawyers have a first-hand in-depth knowledge from all perspectives which allows us to offer specialist legal advice.

We provide legal support, advice and opinions to our clients for the compliance of their activities to Environmental Law as well as for the receipt and completion of their environmental licenses and permits. Moreover, we represent our clients before governmental authorities and courts with respect to disputes and administrative fines arising out of violation of environmental regulations.

Our firm have joined the development and preparation processes of national environmental regulations and one of our senior partners, Nazlı Selek, took an active role and leader position for the preparation of indemnification section of the Turkish Regional and National Emergency Action Plan.

Nazlı Selek is leading the Environmental Law practice of our firm.
Our expertise in Intellectual and Industrial Property Law covers all types of IP rights including but not limited with trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, geographical indications, plant varieties, copyrights and domain names.

By providing legal consultancy services to numerous domestic and international clients in Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, we manage IP portfolios of our clients before the Turkish Patent Institute for a broad range of transactions including registration, assignment, licensing and opposition procedures with respect to industrial property rights. Our intellectual property team includes proficient litigators, with direct experience in disputes involving intellectual property rights, who can represent our clients in all types of strategic litigation and dispute resolution proceedings including but not limited with cancellation actions against the Turkish Patent Institute’s decisions, invalidity actions, actions for determination and prevention of infringement, copyright lawsuits, unfair competition actions and compensation lawsuits. Moreover, since we combine our extensive knowledge on pharmaceutical regulations and Patent Law, we have accumulated experience in representing our international clients from the pharmaceuticals sector in various complex strategic litigation arising out of pharmaceutical patents.

In parallel with litigation services, we provide all types of execution and enforcement assistance to our domestic and international clients particularly with respect to their trademark, industrial design, copyright and patent rights before customs directorates as well as other governmental authorities for implementing effective preventive measures and developing strategies and counter-measures against counterfeit products in Turkey.

In addition to the above, we draft all types of agreements concerning intellectual and industrial property rights including license and assignment agreements and conduct due diligence review thereof. For the purposes of merchandising as well as ensuring efficient continuity and protection of rights related to a product, we provide high-standard services and best solutions to our clients with our broad knowledge in commercialization of intellectual property.

With the leadership of our senior partner Selma Ünlü, our Intellectual Property Department, composed of senior lawyers who competently provide legal support and assistance in the sub-practice areas of “Copyright Law”, “Trademark and Design Rights”, “Advertisement Law” and “Patent-Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Law”, brings a broad perspective and professional approach to every aspect of Intellectual Property Law as well as other related areas.

One of our senior partners, Nazlı Selek, is a well-known esteemed legal consultant on copyright protection, representing domestic and international broadcasting and production companies.

Our firm, as a member of various organizations such as INTA, ECTA, PTMG, MARQUES, Union-IP and AIPPI Turkey, takes an active role in these organizations as a pioneer in the development of Intellectual Property Law.
We offer legal consultancy services to our domestic and international clients on a full and comprehensive range of areas of IT Law including domain name disputes, data protection, online gaming and gambling, computer software, social networks and e-commerce.

Our IT Law service primarily focuses on the needs of the IT sector clients which includes preparation, negotiation and conclusion of all types of contracts including software contracts as well as legal support on content and technology development, licensing, e-commerce, advertisement and distribution activities. Our team has broad but focused experience on development of legal strategies and standard operating procedures for IT companies. As part of legal services offered to our clients in IT sector, we are also active in public offerings of IT sector companies and preparation of agreements on number portability for our service provider clients.

Our firm represents reputable clientele in IT and telecommunication sector including telecommunication network operators, television and radio broadcasters, social network operators, online retail companies, computer games companies as well as online service providers.

Our senior partners Nazlı Selek, Şebnem Işık and Selma Ünlü are leading the IT Law practice of our firm. Selma Ünlü is also acting as a panelist within the Domain Name Dispute Resolution mechanism of WIPO.
We act as a leading law firm in the field of Advertisement, Media and Entertainment Law in Turkey.

Our team of experienced lawyers provides consultancy services on all aspects of Advertisement, Media and Entertainment Law to our prestigious clientele from different levels of sector such as advertising agencies, national telecommunications network operators, television and radio broadcasters, social network operators, online retailers, film and television producers, manufacturers of consumer electronics, computer games companies and intermediary firms conducting drawings, sweepstakes and contests.

Always being up-to date with the latest developments in regulations and legal practices, our firm supports and informs its domestic and international clients on rapidly changing regulatory requirements and practices of governmental authorities and protects its clients from possible violations. In this scope, our practice includes a wide range of services from compliance of product labels and packages to Consumer Law to legal clearance of TV, internet and publishing-based advertisements and campaigns.

In addition, with our comprehensive first-hand experience, we advise our clients on complex promotion mechanisms in accordance with the national advertisement rules. If and when needed, we represent our clients before relevant governmental authorities such as the Advertisement Board and National Lottery Administration and advise them on sweepstakes and contests planned to be conducted.

Legal advisory services which we provide to our clients in the entertainment sector, focus on preparation of all types of contracts and protection of copyrights and prevention of probable infringements and follow-up of regulatory procedures for the receipt of necessary permits and licenses in relation to their productions.

We also represent our clients for resolving their disputes either with private sector parties or with respect to the decisions taken by governmental authorities.

Our senior partners Nazlı Selek and Selma Ünlü are leading the Advertisement, Media and Entertainment Law practice of our firm.
Being a highly regulated area, pharmaceutical and life sciences sector is one of the primary service areas of our legal practice. We offer high standard legal services to our domestic and international clients for every aspect of Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Law including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements, special nutrition products and cosmetics.

The legal service needs of our clients, who are multinational manufacturers of original pharmaceuticals and medical devices, concentrate on products and services offered in this regulated sector and we primarily provide pre-market and post-market legal support throughout the all life cycle of their products and services within the boundaries of applicable regulations. Our practice, reflecting this approach, covers all phases of product or service development including clinical research, licensing, pricing and reimbursement as well as the subsequent market access.

We mainly provide legal support and consultancy to our clients in all compliance matters. Particularly, we handle marketing and promotional activities, relations with the administrative authorities, healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals and compliance of the standard operational procedures and contracts with the regulations. As part of the market access processes, we also support our clients on a comprehensive range of sectoral legal matters including regulatory compliance and organization of warehousing and distribution facilities and surrounding relations in the light of the Competition Law.

We support our practice on Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Law with our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge on Patent and Trademark Law. In this context, one of the main areas of focus is the management of pharmaceuticals-based intellectual property portfolios and data protection for our pharmaceutical manufacturer clients. Moreover, our area of work also covers due diligence investigations on anti-corruption and anti-bribery matters as well as internal compliance audits in the pharmaceuticals sector.

Our senior partner Selma Ünlü is leading the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Law practice of our firm.
We offer legal consultancy, dispute resolution and litigation services on a wide range of areas of Product Liability and Consumer Law to our domestic and international clients.

Our consultancy services mainly include drafting of all types of consumer, service, sale and purchase contracts and management of surrounding relations under applicable regulations. We advise clients in different sectors on their legal liabilities as well as guarantee and indemnification requirements arising out of defective goods and services, prospectuses and brochures, user and operator manuals, labelling, packaging and all types of advertisements.

We render litigation and dispute resolution services on Product Liability and Consumer Law. In addition to the product liability lawsuits of our clients which are mostly engaged in manufacturing of pharmaceutical, tire and electronics, we also represent our clients before Consumer Arbitration Committees and Consumer Courts. Moreover, our select team is highly experienced on a broad range of consumer related matters including but not limited with advising and supporting clients in the pharmaceuticals sector for product recalls and representation of clients before governmental authorities.

Our senior partner Selma Ünlü is leading the Product Liability and Consumer Law practice of our firm.
Due to increasing number of foreign capital companies and multinational corporations in Turkey, importance attributed to Anti-Corruption and Compliance practice has rapidly been growing. We provide legal support, trainings, due diligence investigations and action plans to our clients in this practice area for development of corporate awareness and knowledge.

Our Anti-Corruption and Compliance practice group is composed of reputable lawyers and experts who have comprehensive experience on past investigations with national and international scope. In this context, we provide precautionary legal services primarily on the development of Anti-Corruption and Compliance programs for corporations as well as ensuring implementation and observing efficiency thereof. As a part of these services, we are involved in in-company training procedures regarding all Anti-Corruption and Compliance matters. In addition to the precautionary legal services, we support our clients in various sectors with due diligence services and investigations focused on Anti-Corruption and Compliance, crises management and remediation of the failures identified as a result of the aforesaid procedures.

Our senior partner Selma Ünlü and partner Erdal Gökçe are leading the Anti-Corruption and Compliance practice of our firm.